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Sarah Josepha Hale and Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving nears, we are honoring the largest proponent of the holiday, Sarah Josepha Hale.  She is not of the Plymouth Rock, Pilgrim and turkey sect of American history, but rather one of labor, self-determination and dedication to her ideals. Born in New Hampshire in 1788, Hale is credited with the creation of Thanksgiving as […]

Mike Crawford & Bonneville

Bonneville wouldn’t be everything it is without Mike Crawford: he’s a lifelong resident of Wendover, Utah and an integral part of the Bonneville racing community. When Speed Week rolls around, he’s the man for the job: mechanic, tire supplier, repairman, historian—and the mayor. A museum that once commemorated Bonneville’s history and land records closed 14 […]

Men Wanted

“MEN WANTED: FOR HAZARDOUS JOURNEY. SMALL WAGES, BITTER COLD, LONG MONTHS OF COMPLETE DARKNESS, CONSTANT DANGER, SAFE RETURN DOUBTFUL. HONOUR AND RECOGNITION IN CASE OF SUCCESS. – ERNEST SHACKLETON”   It’s said that the above generated more responses than any other want ad of its time. The gig? What turned into one of the infamous and […]

…And we’re back!

The American Giant Blog has been in hibernation for a while, but now we’re back and ready to roll. Over the last few months, we’ve been working tirelessly on getting you more of your favorite hoodies and some new American Giant gear. Now that we are finally starting to get back in stock, we’re ready to get back […]

Growing, Growing

This crew just got a bigger ship. A few weeks ago we were made the move from our roots in San Francisco’s Mission district to a larger space in the South of Market area. Gone are the days of cramming 10 people in what amounted to a small apartment. American Giant was able to move […]

Now accepting orders on the site

Hi. We are now able to accept orders on our the Full Zip Hoodie (in several colors), as well as our other 12.4oz sweatshirt styles. Pre-orders via the blog, phone and email are no longer necessary. Click here to shop » If you need an update on a pre-order that’s been already placed, please call […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions we’ve been hearing a lot of. – – – – – – - - – – – – – - - – – – – – - - – – – – – - - – – – – – - - – – – – – - - – – – – – – […]

Holiday Update no.2

Hi everyone – just a quick update, we’ve been packing nonstop so everyone who ordered last week can get their order in time for Christmas. Not sure if our Fedex guy loves us or hates us. Also, we are working on getting a form online so you can email us your pre-order. Our phone lines […]

Holiday Update!!!

Hey everyone, we are totally overwhelmed and honored by the huge response this holiday season. The Slate article kind of blew our minds, and orders have been pouring in non-stop. We are out of stock on many sizes/colors of our popular sweatshirt styles, and appreciate everyone’s patience & understanding. Okay, here are some answers to […]