Why we started American Giant

American Giant was founded with a simple objective: make great, affordable product in the USA. We were convinced we could do it for two reasons.

First, the apparel business is broken. Today clothing companies spend much more on real estate and marketing than they do on manufacturing and materials. Layers and layers of cost separate them from the product they sell. To cover the cost of complex distribution and marketing, they’ve spent the last 40 years making product as cheaply as possible by chipping away at quality of materials and construction, and shipping manufacturing overseas.

Second, the US manufacturing sector that has survived the last 40 years of contraction has emerged as a lean, high quality resource that isn’t being used by mainstream clothing companies. We believed that if we stopped investing in distribution (by selling directly to our customers online), and didn’t spend on massive marketing campaigns (no billboards in Times Square) we could focus resources and attention on what matters to us and to our customers: high quality product, American manufacturing and exceptional service.

The objective is still simple, and it’s why we’re here.

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