Product Focus: The Classic Full-Zip

We started here because to us, the zip sweatshirt is the iconic American silhouette, and cotton the iconic American fabric. Everyone has a hoodie in his or her closet, but the style had become a throw away. Cheap, flimsy fabric, baggy, sloppy fit, shoddy construction.

We became obsessed with making a hoodie that paid homage to the durable cotton American classics of the 70’s and 80’s (think Champion sweatshirts and Levi’s jeans), but had a tailored, modern fit and upgraded details.

We started with fabric, and spent months developing our thick, 100% cotton fleece to have a dry hand feel and soft napped interior. We added custom design details like stretch side panels for mobility, and top-of-the line hardware including a metal zipper and drawcord tips. We also worked on fit, creating the silhouette to be tailored and flattering instead of bulky and sloppy.

What we ended up with is our Classic Full Zip. It’s the first product we made and the standard by which we measure everything we’ve made since.

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