“The hard thing was to package it so that people would give us a chance, because we’re doing something that nobody had ever seen. Every time we step on stage, we had to prove it over and over.”

Kevin Sylvester and Wilner Baptiste met in high school as partners in orchestra class in South Florida. Both were being classically trained in school, but leaving class and listening to ’90’s hip hop. After attending college on music scholarships, they came together to form a group that fused the hip hop and R & B music they were passionate about, and the classical instruments they loved.

Undaunted by confusion about their unconventional sound, they often showed up outside venues that had rejected them and played, gaining local recognition and respect. Dedication, hustle, unbridled creativity, their following grew.

Music is their medium, but Kev Marcus and Wil B of Black Violin believe the larger objective of their group is to inspire unconventional thinking across the board. Disruptors and creators, they lead by example.


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