Product Focus: Fabric Sneak Peek

Building new product begins with developing great fabric. For our most versatile sweatshirt line for women, The Essential, we wanted something that felt premium, but was still practical and tough. We blended Supima cotton and Modal fiber.

Supima is the highest quality American-grown cotton on the market, and accounts for only about three percent of annual cotton production in the United States. The quality look and feel are attributed to the fineness of the fiber and the long staple length.

Modal fiber adds luster, a smooth, cool hand-feel and reduces pilling and fading after wash. It also holds color incredibly well, which allows for a rich, saturated fall color palette.

This fabric is something special. It has a luxurious look and feel but is still low maintenance enough to be worn and loved every day.

Try it for yourself on Sept 28. Available in three classic styles, and 6 colors.

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